The Seasonal Shift

We’re at the start of winter, and the dust on our farms is slowly starting to settle after a busy harvest season. After months of abundant sunshine, we’re now witnessing the gradual transformation of leaves into vivid hues of yellow and orange. As the mornings become crisper and the last apples were plucked from the […]

Bountiful Orchards

As the sun-drenched landscapes of the Western Cape soaked in the summer warmth, orchards in this region quickly came alive with the activity of the apple and pear harvest. The fruit-bearing trees on our farms promised a bountiful yield for 2024, creating a lively display that not only brings joy but also helps support our […]

The start of a new season

The 2024 harvest season is well underway, having started a week to ten days earlier than the previous year. The hustle and bustle of beeping forklifts in reverse gear, the hooting of horns and the resounding buzz of machinery are back, and we have a “full house” again. To act as a fruit packer, we […]


Our apple and pear trees were recently in bloom after being woken up from a deep winter slumber. This awakening signals the beginning of a captivating season in our orchards. The blossoms, a spectacle that lasts about two weeks, play a vital role in laying the foundation for robust apple yields. To ensure the trees […]

Sorted, packed… what happens next?

Optimal storage conditions are crucial for ensuring high internal fruit quality and freshness as well as meeting year-round consumer demand. When the fruit arrives, we store it on site in 72 controlled atmosphere (CA) refrigeration rooms with a capacity of 88 000 bulk bins. Once the packaged fruit comes from each of our packing lines, […]


In South Africa, the month of September holds special significance as Heritage Month. During this time, the nation comes together to celebrate the mosaic of cultures, traditions and histories that shape our country’s identity, fostering greater understanding, unity and appreciation for the contributions made to society by its various communities. At Betko, we also celebrate […]


Nestled between the majestic Riviersonderend Mountains lies a fruit farm like few others. Surrounded by the rich diversity of fynbos flora and lush indigenous forest, Oubos boasts a unique microclimate that enables it to produce some of the highest quality fruits in the Western Cape. Oubos has deep roots in the Groenewald family history, as […]

Winter on the farms

Drawing from our experience in growing quality fruit, we know that winter is a special time for our trees. Embracing the ever-changing seasons and remaining committed to innovation, we are dedicated to continual growth. As soon as the winter chill sets in each year, our workers take to the orchards, practising the delicate craft of […]

Honouring Betko’s Dedicated Female Workforce

On 9 August 2023 we get to celebrate National Women’s Day. This day is dedicated to honouring South African women, who often have to balance many commitments and responsibilities in their day-to-day lives. At Betko, we know that good people are the cornerstone of our shared success, and for nearly 35 years, women have played […]

The heartbeat of Betko

In the beginning of May we celebrated Workers’ Day and it reminded us once again that it takes a team of dedicated individuals to strive to continually improve, be the best in what we do and to create a unique and positive environment, from start to finish. Betko employs around 350 local staff members at […]