Nestled between the majestic Riviersonderend Mountains lies a fruit farm like few others. Surrounded by the rich diversity of fynbos flora and lush indigenous forest, Oubos boasts a unique microclimate that enables it to produce some of the highest quality fruits in the Western Cape.

Oubos has deep roots in the Groenewald family history, as this is where Japie Groenewald grew up. Initially Oubos consisted of several smallholdings scattered through the valleys, but these were later consolidated into one entity.

The first apple trees were planted in 1992 and the farm is now home to various apple and pear varieties. Because of its unique climate, preference is given to bicoloured apple cultivars, although Golden Delicious is currently still the most prevalent cultivar.

With the apple and pear orchards stretching up the mountainside, they receive a fair share of rain during summer. As the days are warm and the nights cool, red apple varieties do very well here.

The magic of Oubos is that modern-day, highly sophisticated fruit production occurs right next to the largest surviving natural forest west of the well-known Knysna forests. In fact, in days gone by, the Oubos forest and nature reserve formed one magnificent, seamless forest area with the Knysna forests.

The striking indigenous trees found in our forest are ironwood, yellowwood, stinkwood and assegai. It is also home to various birds and insects that occur only here. Today, the forest is managed by Cape Nature and the family wholeheartedly support the conservation efforts in the knowledge that it is in their interest to work with nature.

The family’s love of oak trees is also evident at Oubos. Cherished giant oak trees were left undisturbed and apple and pear trees were planted around them.

Oubos is a place of stunning beauty, with its picturesque mountains, deep ravines and majestic peaks. Before long, our fruit trees will burst into bloom, creating a scene of serene natural beauty after a good, cold winter.