Winter on the farms

Drawing from our experience in growing quality fruit, we know that winter is a special time for our trees. Embracing the ever-changing seasons and remaining committed to innovation, we are dedicated to continual growth.

As soon as the winter chill sets in each year, our workers take to the orchards, practising the delicate craft of winter pruning. With meticulous care, they sculpt our trees, getting them ready for the abundance that awaits next season.

Winter pruning is an essential practice to rid the trees of unproductive wood, guaranteeing optimal new growth. An optimal amount of sunlight is crucial for nurturing healthy fruit buds, and pruning ensures light interception and light distribution in the orchards.

Winter is the time when we typically fertilise the orchards, just before the trees break dormancy and start their active growth phase. This period allows the trees to efficiently absorb and utilise nutrients as they begin to produce new leaves and eventually flower. Regular soil testing guides our application of fertilisers, precisely addressing the trees’ specific needs.

Ensuring the long-term health of our soil is paramount, and we employ a range of strategies to achieve this goal. These include minimising soil disturbances, adopting crop rotation practices, introducing cover crops to foster plant diversity and promoting living roots. Evaluating the long-term impact of these measures on soils is crucial, and we emphasise the need to replenish depleted resources to ensure sustainability.

The work we are doing now lays the foundation for a bountiful harvest next year. With the blessings of ample rain and excellent cold, we look forward to the next season.