Bountiful Orchards

As the sun-drenched landscapes of the Western Cape soaked in the summer warmth, orchards in this region quickly came alive with the activity of the apple and pear harvest. The fruit-bearing trees on our farms promised a bountiful yield for 2024, creating a lively display that not only brings joy but also helps support our flourishing farming communities.

The Mediterranean-like climate of the Western Cape plays a crucial role in shaping the apple and pear harvest. Thus far climatic conditions, including temperature, rainfall and sunlight, have been closely monitored by our farmers and agricultural experts. Despite facing a few scorching days (a common occurrence during this time of the year), the quality of the fruits surpasses that of the previous year. These factors contribute to the unique flavours and textures of the fruits, making each harvest season distinctive.

As the days go by and the fruits mature, the orchards became a hive of activity. Armed with picking bags and ladders, skilled pickers weave through the rows of trees, carefully selecting the ripest fruits. This year’s earlier-than-usual season means we have already started picking a variety of cultivars, from Early Bon Chretien, Bon Rouge, Packham’s Triumph, Abate Fetel and Cheeky on the pear side, to Panorama Golden, Royal Beaut, Flash Gala and the recently harvested Brookefield Gala on the apple front.

The bountiful orchards not only showcase nature’s abundance but also stand as a testament to the dedication, skill and sustainable practices of our farms. As each harvest season unfolds, it brings with it bin upon bin of delicious apples and pears, as well as a story of resilience, community collaboration and the enduring beauty of agriculture in harmony with nature.