Our apple and pear trees were recently in bloom after being woken up from a deep winter slumber. This awakening signals the beginning of a captivating season in our orchards. The blossoms, a spectacle that lasts about two weeks, play a vital role in laying the foundation for robust apple yields.

To ensure the trees are adequately energised for the upcoming season, we prioritise feeding both the trees and blossoms. Already in September, we witnessed our Panorama Goldens in full bloom on Sunnyside farm, followed by the blossoming of Forelle and Packham’s Triumph.

There was a definite buzz in the air too as the bees were working around the clock. We believe they are nature’s hardest little workers. As pollinators, they play an important role in carrying pollen between the blossoms. This helps to fertilise the trees so they can produce a bountiful harvest year on year. As one drove through the orchards, you noticed the strategically placed hives. We use four hives per hectare in our pear orchards and two per hectare for apples.

Feeding the trees and flowers during this time not only sustains them but also ensures the survival of the healthiest flowers, setting the stage for optimal fruit quality. After successful pollination, we can start anticipating a bountiful harvest. And as the petals gracefully drop, they reveal clusters of small green buds in the spots where the blossoms once thrived. These buds mature into vibrant clusters of stunning apples.

Witnessing the orchard’s transformation throughout the changing seasons remains a source of continuous wonder and gratitude for us.