Harvest time

The 2023 harvest season is in full swing! Our February season kicked off with Panorama Golden, Royal Gala strains, Flash Galas, Cheeky and Packham’s Triumph. We are privileged to operate several farms in the beautiful and fertile Overberg region, where the growing conditions are perfect. The summers are hot and glorious and the autumn months […]

The importance of quality

At Betko we have a strong focus on quality standards throughout the packing process. This ensures that we meet the varied specifications of our markets. We pack a large variety of apples and pears with dozens of variations in terms of size, colour, shape and taste. But all of these variations have one thing in […]

News from the packhouse

In November every year we are hard at work at the packhouse to ensure that we are ready when the new harvest season starts in February the following year. The biggest part of our harvest season is around the corner and our preparation includes staff training, quality checks and clearing out cold rooms. We are […]

News from our farms

From blossoms to juicy fruit in a matter of months, the apple and pear trees are groaning with fruit at the moment. The seasonal abundance is all thanks to the quality care that is given to the orchards supplying our fruit. From planting to pruning, from pest control to training – all of these lead up […]