News from the packhouse

In November every year we are hard at work at the packhouse to ensure that we are ready when the new harvest season starts in February the following year. The biggest part of our harvest season is around the corner and our preparation includes staff training, quality checks and clearing out cold rooms.

We are currently repairing bins – around 20 000 bins were delivered to our farms in preparation for the upcoming harvest.

All our produce can be traced and linked to the farms they come from, ensuring that the fruit is compliant with the latest food safety standards. Our quality assurance team does training and discuss harvest standards with our producers so that fruit arriving at Betko can be measured against these standards. Our aim is to ensure that all incoming fruit adheres to the strict guidelines.

Our packing material has arrived and packing programmes have been established with our export clients.

Our crop estimates predict a promising season in terms of quality. We are looking at a similar volume than that of the 2022 season, but superior in quality. Luckily the summer hasn’t been too harsh on us so far, with no heatwaves to date.

All of the above elements help to make sure everything is in place before the first fruit arrives at Betko. We rely on the support from our farms and producers to pack and distribute each shipment to the best of their ability. Outstanding service, reliable systems and good prices are crucial for success. From February to August we employ ±520 people in our packhouses, which are the heartbeat of Betko.

All the different teams at Betko, each with their own expertise, are integrated with the same goal in mind – to supply our clients with the best quality fruit and service and to exceed the high expectations of our suppliers and customers.